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Purekeys Medical Keyboard Compact Fixed Angle BE (Azerty)
Purekeys Medical Keyboard Compact Fixed Angle BE (Azerty)
Purekeys Medical Keyboard Compact Fixed Angle BE (Azerty)
Purekeys Medical Keyboard Compact Fixed Angle BE (Azerty)

Purekeys Medical Keyboard Compact Fixed Angle BE (Azerty)

Article number: 200.187
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The Purekeys Medical Keyboard Compact Fixed Angle Azerty is a compact keyboard with a fixed ergonomic working angle of 6 degrees that is easy to clean and disinfect. Its completely closed housing and flat surface make it easy to clean, while its silicone overlay makes it resistant to moisture and disinfectant fluids. The keys have a light and almost silent keystroke. Medical keyboards from Purekeys are highly resistant to common antibacterial fluids such as alcohol, peroxides, and chlorine solutions, and this keyboard is IP66 certified. It also features a clean key that disables the keys during cleaning for added hygiene.
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In the office, you may already have a sit-stand desk to alternate between sitting and standing while working. Now, there is also a simple and practical solution available for the home office: the Upstaa XL Home Office Set, which comes with the Evoluent4 Bluetooth Mouse and the matching UltraBoard 950 keyboard. The Upstaa XL in white is an elegant white laptop stand that you can place on your desk. No screws or glue are required for assembly, and everything can be quickly disassembled. When not in use, the stand can be stored in a space-saving manner. The workstation consists of 2 shelves that can be slid in at different heights, making it suitable for users of different heights. The laptop is placed on the top shelf, and the compact UltraBoard 950 Wireless Bluetooth keyboard is placed on the bottom shelf. This is a relatively narrow keyboard as it does not have a numeric keypad, but it does have a laptop key press. This reduces the range to the supplied ergonomic Evoluent 4 Bluetooth mouse, which relieves your forearms.

The ergonomic keyboard with its compact size and Bluetooth function is easy to carry in your laptop bag. The UltraBoard 950 Wireless keyboard is particularly ergonomic due to its compact form, while its design can also be described as elegant and modern. The Evoluent4 Bluetooth mouse is the perfect complement: this is an ergonomic mouse that connects to your computer via Bluetooth signal. Its vertical shape prevents the arm from having to be twisted in a tense manner, as is the case with a normal mouse. In addition, the Evoluent mouse is very precise and fast. If necessary, the cursor speed can be adjusted with the buttons on the side.

When working with your laptop at home, purchasing the Upstaa Home Office Set in white provides you with a practical workstation with the appropriate mouse and keyboard. You also benefit from a 10% discount on the entire set."

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Dimensions Length: 377 mm | Height: 35 mm | Width: 163 mm
Weight 850 grams
Additional information IP rating: IP66
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Purekeys Medical Keyboard Compact Fixed Angle BE (Azerty)
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