Sit-stand stool

Sit-stand stool

More and more people are using a sit/stand desk, or at least an adjustable-height desk. Variation between different body postures is crucial in workstations that require little to no movement. Particularly in office environments and the industry, people are bound to their desk chairs or fixed workstations for a significant part of the day. Working in the same position for extended periods or having a slight deviation in sitting posture can lead to health issues such as back, neck, shoulder, and leg pain. This, in turn, can result in irritations, decreased productivity, and even long-term sick leave. A sit/stand stool can offer a solution in such cases.

What is a sit/stand stool?

A sit/stand stool is an ergonomically designed stool that allows you to sit or stand while working. It provides a flexible solution for individuals who spend a considerable amount of time at a desk throughout the day. Unlike traditional office chairs, sit/stand stools are designed to reduce pressure on the lower back and activate muscles. This helps promote blood circulation and increase productivity.

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