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Roller mouse

A special type of ergonomic mouse is the roller mouse. This is particularly suitable for individuals with more advanced RSI issues. Even those without pain or with early signs of RSI can greatly benefit from such a mouse. Ergo2Work offers various models of roller mice.

What is a Roller Mouse?

The roller mouse is a central mouse that is placed in front of the keyboard. The cursor moves by sliding a rollerbar with the fingertips. Clicking can be done by pressing the rollerbar or using the associated buttons. It also features a scroll wheel. Roller mice can be used with either the right or left hand, and some models are designed for ambidextrous use. They also come with an integrated wrist rest.

Advantages of a Roller Mouse

By only moving the rollerbar and not the entire mouse, the shoulder, neck, and arm are relieved. Additionally, using a roller mouse keeps you within the shoulder line. Working ergonomically in this way helps prevent RSI issues. For those already experiencing advanced pain in the arm, neck, and shoulders, using a roller mouse is also recommended as it specifically alleviates those areas.

Different Roller Mouse Models

Ergo2Work offers several models of roller mice in their range. There are different versions of the Contour Roller Mouse, all of which are high-quality and have programmable buttons to suit individual preferences. These mice have an elegant and modern design, with the Contour Roller Mouse Red even winning the Red Dot Design Award. In addition to the Contour roller mice, you can also find options such as models with a shorter rollerbar or the ErgoSlider Plus with interchangeable wrist rests at Ergo2Work.

Tips for Buying a Roller Mouse

Choosing the right roller mouse is not an easy task. Before making a final decision, you will certainly want to know the price of the roller mouse and check for any available offers. Generally, a roller mouse tends to be slightly more expensive than a regular mouse, but in return, you get a fully functional mouse that will last for years and provide optimal comfort during your work. As Ergo2Work offers different models, you can easily compare the available roller mice. If you still have doubts, you also have the option to request a trial of the mouse. You can try it out for 28 days to determine if you have chosen the roller mouse that best suits your needs.

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