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Comfortable and ergonomic work is important for anyone who spends long hours behind a desk. Working in the same position for extended periods can cause static strain on the body, leading to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) symptoms. Sufficient variation in posture and regular breaks are essential to prevent overloading. Additionally, customized furniture is highly recommended, such as an adjustable-height desk that allows for alternating between sitting and standing work. This helps reduce the static strain on the body, significantly decreasing the risk of back, neck, and arm discomfort. In addition to reducing physical complaints, sit/stand workstations contribute to increased concentration and higher productivity.

The height-adjustable desk frames from Ergo2Work are suitable for all office environments that prioritize ergonomics. Furthermore, these tables are ideal for flexible workspaces, as the height of the table can be adjusted to each individual user.

How to choose a desk frame:

Looking for a desk frame that can be used as a sit/stand workstation? Ergo2Work offers a wide range of frames in various sizes and configurations. They are available with manual height adjustment or electric height adjustment using either one or two motors. Additionally, there are special models available, such as a 90° corner desk.

When choosing a sit/stand workstation, consider factors such as height range, width, and weight capacity (static and dynamic loads). All sit/stand workstations have adjustable width, making them suitable for various tabletop sizes. If you don't have a desktop of your own, you can find a suitable solution from our extensive range of desktops.

Manual adjustable desk frames:
These sit/stand workstations are equipped with a manual crank handle that allows for easy adjustment of the desk's height. Manual adjustable desk frames are available in various models, such as the ErgoDesk Low and the Universal 1HA.

Electric adjustable desk frames:
The electric adjustable desk frames move smoothly up and down, making the transition between sitting and standing work almost effortless. All frames are of high quality, very stable, and durable.

There are several electric adjustable desk frames available with one motor, such as the ErgoDesk Pro and the ErgoDesk APP I, which features app control (including a memory master). The sit/stand desk ErgoDesk APP II has two motors and is suitable for individuals with a height of up to approximately 200 cm.

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