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    The Broadwing lighting has been
    nominated for
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    The chair that has everything!

    SUN-FLEX®HB ergonomic office chair

What are you looking for?
  1. Height adjustable desk

    Height adjustable desk

  2. Height-adjustable Workstations

    Height-adjustable Workstations

  3. Desk Frame

    Desk Frame

  4. Table tops

    Table tops

  5. Laptop Table

    Laptop Table

  6. Ergonomic office chair

    Ergonomic office chair

  7. Sit-stand stool

    Sit-stand stool

  8. Stand-Mat & balance board

    Stand-Mat & balance board

  9. Sitting ball

    Sitting ball

  10. Seat cushion & lumbar cushion

    Seat cushion & lumbar cushion

  11. Footrest


  12. Ergonomic keyboard

    Ergonomic keyboard

  13. Mini Keyboards

    Mini Keyboards

  14. Home office sets

    Home office sets

  15. Medical washable & waterproof Keyboards

    Medical washable & waterproof Keyboards

  16. Separate Numeric Keypads

    Separate Numeric Keypads

  17. Roller mouse

    Roller mouse

  18. Trackball mouse

    Trackball mouse

  19. Footpedal mouse

    Footpedal mouse

  20. Touchpad mouse

    Touchpad mouse

  21. Armrest


  22. Wristrest


  23. Laptop table

    Laptop table

  24. Tablet stands

    Tablet stands

  25. Document holder

    Document holder

  26. Phone for seniors

    Phone for seniors

  27. Keyboards for seniors

    Keyboards for seniors

  28. Mouse for seniors

    Mouse for seniors

  29. Telephone for visually impaired

    Telephone for visually impaired

  30. Keyboard for visually impaired

    Keyboard for visually impaired

  31. Magnifier for the visually impaired

    Magnifier for the visually impaired

  32. Magnification software

    Magnification software

  33. Cable management

    Cable management

  34. CPU holder

    CPU holder

  35. Office mat

    Office mat

  36. Laptop support

    Laptop support

  37. Industrial mat

    Industrial mat

  38. Vertical mouse

    Vertical mouse

  39. Medical mouse

    Medical mouse

  40. pentablet


  41. Home office set

    Home office set

  42. Home office set

    Home office set

  43. Desk lamp

    Desk lamp

  44. Monitorarm


  45. Monitor stand

    Monitor stand

  46. Horizontal mouse

    Horizontal mouse

  47. Watch for visually impaired

    Watch for visually impaired

>Ergonomic sitting

Ergonomic sitting

It starts with the right chair.

Look at our chairs
>Ergonomic keyboards

Ergonomic keyboards

Ergonomic keyboards are indispensable in preventing RSI complaints.

View them here
>Cable management

Cable management

The systems of Ergo2Work ensure a manageable and safe workspace.

View them here

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Our happy Customers
  1. I love it!!! I love it!!!! So great for standing and better posture for sitting!
  2. Nice product and quick delivery I recently bought the Upstaa Stand XL. Very nice computer stand and simple to set up. Delivery was quick. Happy with service. Would be even better if there was some way to attach or hang the slabs to the main stand when not using so it's easier to carry.
  3. Supersnelle levering Supersnelle levering
  4. Top product Top product. En de levering was uitermate snel
  5. Top producten Top producten
  6. snelle levering en collega is er super… snelle levering en collega is er super blij mee !
  7. Supersnelle levering ! Supersnelle levering !
  8. Supersnelle levering! Supersnelle levering van een goed produkt!
  9. gedegen levering en product gedegen levering en product
  10. Prima communicatie Prima communicatie, snelle levering, fijn product! (Zadelkruk basic)

Specialist in Ergonomic Products

Ergo2Work offers a wide range of ergonomic products for the computer workplace to improve your working posture. These products enable you to work comfortably, efficiently, and healthily. Our range includes ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic mice, monitor arms, laptop stands, sit-stand workstations, document holders, and footrests. With our years of experience in ergonomic products, we can provide you with expert advice. Our team of staff is available all day to answer your questions.