Medical washable & waterproof Keyboard

Medical washable & waterproof Keyboard

Nowadays, computers are extensively used everywhere and in every company. Of course, this includes the use of a keyboard. In environments where hygiene or even sterility is required, or where liquids are frequently used, medical keyboards are essential. These keyboards are waterproof and very easy to clean with water, soap, and disinfectants. They are often used in medical or industrial settings, but they can also be of great value in schools, universities, and offices where a hygienic keyboard is needed.

Why choose a hygienic keyboard?

In certain places, it is necessary to clean keyboards frequently and thoroughly. Regular keyboards are often not waterproof, making cleaning with water and soap not an option. Therefore, normal keyboards are unsuitable for environments that require regular cleaning. On the other hand, a medical keyboard is specifically designed to withstand exposure to water, cleaning agents, and disinfecting products. They can even be held under a running hot tap in many cases. A medical-grade keyboard is particularly suitable for use in industrial or medical environments such as hospitals, dental practices, laboratories, and the food industry. By allowing cleaning with disinfectants, these keyboards contribute to infection prevention.

In addition to their washable feature, hygienic keyboards have a modern and compact design that blends well with your desk. While washability is often necessary, it is important not to compromise on ease of typing. Medical keyboards provide a pleasant and light keystroke, ensuring that your typing experience is no different from using a regular keyboard.

Various medical keyboards

Ergo2Work offers a range of hygienic keyboards that are waterproof or washable. For example, the ErgoClean 160 Low Profile White US Waterproof Keyboard is completely sealed and the low-profile keys make it easy to clean. It is resistant to frequent cleaning with disinfectants and surface cleaners such as chlorine solutions and alcohol.

We also provide various washable keyboards, such as the Purekeys Medical Keyboard and the ErgoClean 130 Washable White US Keyboard.

These medical keyboards with a modern design are easy to clean and resistant to soap and disinfectants, without compromising on typing comfort. They come with a key-locking function, eliminating the need to disconnect the keyboard before cleaning. Additionally, these keyboards are electrically safe and can withstand falls and impacts.

For those who prefer not to use an additional keyboard with a laptop, antimicrobial membranes are available. These membranes can be placed on top of the keys, protecting them from dirt and liquids. The membranes are easy to wash and do not affect typing comfort. As they only cover the keys, all side ports remain accessible.

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