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Laptop Table

The laptop has become fully integrated. It is used at work as well as at home. In these times, with more and more people working from home, the laptop is being used more than ever. With the increasing popularity of laptops, there is also a growing demand for a comfortable and ergonomic way to use them. A flexible ergonomic laptop table allows for easy use of the laptop both at the desk, on the bed, or on a chair.

But what exactly is a laptop table?

A laptop table is essentially a side table with a frame on which a laptop can rest. If you work from home but don't have space for a desk, then a laptop table is an ideal solution. It takes up relatively little space. Ergo2Work offers various height-adjustable and portable laptop tables in different colors.

What types of laptop tables does Ergo2Work offer?

For today's home workers, Ergo2Work can recommend the laptoptafel. We can also recommend the special Lounge2Work laptop tables, which come in various colors and materials. Whether you're lounging in your chair, lying in bed, or in your other favorite spot, you can set up and use this laptop table according to your preference. For the medical and industrial fields, Ergo2Work offers the Laptoptafel Move and the . In addition, we offer the Move-it Small and Move-it Large laptop tables. While the former is suitable for both sitting and standing use, the "large" version is designed for standing use. These types of laptop tables are particularly suitable as portable lecterns. At the bottom of this website, you can find detailed images and product specifications of the laptop tables.

What are the benefits of a laptop table?

A laptop table has only advantages. It is easily movable due to the mounted wheels. Whether you want to work in the living room or bedroom, both are easy to achieve. Moreover, the laptop tables are height-adjustable. Several laptop tables are also suitable for standing work and can be used as sit/stand workstations.

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