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Stand-Mat & balance board

Stand-Mat & balance board

Recent research shows that prolonged sitting is detrimental to health and can have a negative impact on productivity. As a result, an increasing number of companies are transitioning to a combination of sitting and standing work through the use of Sit-Stand workstations. In Scandinavia, over 70% of workstations are already equipped with sit-stand desks, and in the Netherlands, awareness of the benefits of standing while working is slowly but surely increasing.

However, even with standing work, there is a risk of remaining static since the body is still hardly in motion. That's why we offer convenient tools for standing work, such as a balance board or an anti-fatigue mat, which are perfect additions to existing sit-stand workstations. With a balance board or mat, you can create a dynamic working posture and engage in even more ergonomic practices while standing.

By constantly moving or balancing your body while standing, you engage the muscles in your feet, legs, and back. Various muscle groups are employed to continuously coordinate and maintain balance. Over time, this leads to improved endurance and reduced fatigue.

Range of Balance Boards & Anti-Fatigue Mats

With a balance board like the Steppie Balance Board, you can actively work while standing, requiring continuous balance control. Users need to constantly engage their leg muscles to maintain stability. In addition to promoting an active working posture, a balance board offers the advantage of simultaneously training your leg muscles.

On the other hand, an anti-fatigue mat primarily focuses on providing support for the feet. Prolonged standing on a hard surface can lead to leg discomfort and fatigue. The use of an anti-fatigue mat reduces fatigue and enhances standing comfort, which contributes to increased productivity in the workplace. Many of these mats, such as the [specific mat name], are made of soft, supportive materials that allow for subtle movement and engage the muscles in the feet and ankles.

Take a look at our range of anti-fatigue mats and balance boards. There are various models available, each suitable for almost any work environment. Whether you work in a rustic building or a modern, sleek office, you can find a design that fits your workspace perfectly.

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