Ergonomic mouse

Ergonomic mouse

We spend many hours behind the computer both at work and at home. The computer mouse is therefore a frequently used object and a major cause of RSI complaints. With a traditional (standard) mouse, the hand typically rests flat on the mouse. This causes the wrist joint to twist and the hand to assume an unnatural position. This can lead to pain in the forearm, wrist, or the entire arm. Ergonomic mice promote a natural, healthy working posture, which can help prevent RSI complaints.

What is an ergonomic mouse?

Ergonomic mice are designed to provide comfortable and easy-to-use solutions while reducing muscle tension. Ergonomic mice differ from traditional (usually flat) mice in their special design, often incorporating a vertical hand position. This vertical ergonomic mouse allows the hand to rest in a natural position on the mouse, reducing muscle tension in the wrist and arm. This helps prevent or alleviate pain caused by RSI.

There are also suitable ergonomic mice available for RSI complaints that occur in areas other than the wrist or arm, such as central (rollerbar) mice that ensure an optimal mouse position in front of the body. This allows you to work within the shoulder line, preventing strain on the shoulders and neck. Additionally, there are various other ergonomic mice available, such as trackballs, foot mice, and pen mice.

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