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Sitting & standing
Seat cushion & lumbar cushion

Seat cushion & lumbar cushion

Sitting is a major cause of back and shoulder complaints. Therefore, it is essential that you have comfortable tools to ensure proper sitting posture. In addition to saddle stools and ergonomic office chairs, we also offer back cushions, seat cushions, and lumbar supports. These products improve body posture while sitting and strengthen various muscle groups.

Why use an ergonomic seat cushion or balance cushion?

With these tools, you can continuously optimize your sitting posture. Lumbar supports, for example, provide extra comfort, especially for users with reduced lordosis (curvature of the spine). The ergonomic seat cushions and balance cushions are available in various sizes, making it possible to find a suitable size for most individuals.

The back cushions and seat cushions can be excellently used in the workplace. However, these products are also highly suitable for home use. After all, maintaining good posture is not just a matter of "nine to five"!

McKenzie Method

This category also includes products from McKenzie, such as the SlimLine lumbar roll. These products are specifically designed for the McKenzie therapy approach and can be used during exercises. The McKenzie Method is a widely used treatment method for various pain conditions, such as a hernia. This treatment approach focuses on reducing radiating pain and addressing the core issues. The ergonomic back cushions and seat cushions, such as a McKenzie cushion, can contribute to improving body posture within a treatment plan.

Assortment of seat cushions & balance cushions

Regular use of balance cushions leads to strong back, buttock, and pelvic floor muscles, as well as improved body posture. The Togu balance cushions even offer a small size for children, who can also be encouraged to perform exercises on the cushion for extra movement.

A seat wedge cushion is a simple but practical solution with good results. The cushion supports the body in a natural, ergonomically correct sitting position. Once again, the entire body assumes a better posture, and muscles are strengthened.

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