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A monitor arm or stand provides more desk space. With a monitor arm, you can easily adjust the height of your screen. Additionally, the screens can be rotated horizontally or vertically. Using a monitor arm ensures that your screen is always at an ergonomic viewing height.

At Ergo2Work, we offer monitor arms in various brands, sizes, styles, and price ranges. Browse our range and make your workspace more efficient and ergonomic with a high-quality monitor arm.

What is a monitor arm?

A monitor arm is a device used to mount and support a computer monitor. It is a type of bracket that can be attached to the desk or wall, on which the monitor can be placed.

With a monitor arm, you can adjust the height, angle, and orientation of the monitor to improve ergonomics and optimize the viewing angle. This can help reduce eye and neck strain and promote a comfortable and healthy working posture.

Monitor arms are available in different sizes and styles, depending on the weight and size of the monitor, and they can be customized to the specific needs of the user. They are popular among remote workers, gamers, and professionals who spend long hours behind a computer.

What is a monitor stand?

A monitor stand is a device used to support and position a computer monitor or screen. It is designed to place the monitor at the proper height and viewing angle, allowing users to work comfortably and ergonomically.

Monitor stands come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the intended use and functionality. Some common types of monitor stands include:

Fixed stand: This is a simple stand that keeps the monitor at a fixed height. It provides basic elevation and stability but typically does not have adjustment options for the viewing angle.

Adjustable stand: This type of stand offers the ability to adjust the height of the monitor, as well as the viewing angle. It may have features such as tilt, swivel, and rotate, allowing users to customize the position of the screen to their preferences.

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