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Ergonomic home office set

Ergonomic home office set

A home office set, what is it?
A home office set is a carefully curated package of products designed to optimize the setup of your home workspace. It includes items that can ensure your laptop is positioned at the correct height and provide ergonomic support for your shoulders and wrists, such as an ergonomic mouse or keyboard. The most common items included in a home office set are a laptop stand, an external keyboard, and an ergonomic mouse. For frequent remote workers, we also offer a comprehensive set that allows for detailed ergonomic adjustment of the entire home office setup.

Why use a home office set?
When using a laptop stand, your laptop is raised to a higher level, which may make it uncomfortable to use the touchpad or the integrated keyboard on your laptop. In such cases, an external mouse and keyboard become necessary. The sets we have put together are well-matched and compatible with the majority of laptops. If you have specific requirements or complaints, you can contact us, and we can customize a combination of products to meet your needs. We will provide explanations, advice, and different options to assist you.

Using a home office set can help prevent or reduce many common complaints. There are various sets available, including a compact set specifically designed for individuals who frequently change their work location. This set can be used at home or when working at a client's site, or when taking your laptop to meetings or other off-site events. It allows for easy ergonomic adjustments regardless of your workspace.

If you primarily work from home, you may find it beneficial to have a comprehensive set that includes appropriate lighting and an adjustable chair. We have specially curated a set for this group of individuals.

Common complaints resulting from poor posture
There are numerous complaints that can be caused by poor posture, with common ones including mouse arm and neck and shoulder discomfort. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is the term used for a collection of symptoms affecting fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders, neck, and/or back. Maintaining a healthy work posture can help prevent RSI-related issues. The key to preventing RSI/CANS (Complaints of Arm, Neck, or Shoulder) is to vary your posture sufficiently to avoid static strain and adjust your workstation to the correct height. A home office set can help prevent discomfort associated with frequent remote work or laptop usage.

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