Laptop support

Laptop support

Laptops are indispensable nowadays. Whether at work or at home, we spend a significant number of hours behind our laptops. Laptops offer numerous advantages over desktop computers. However, laptops also have a major drawback: the screen and keyboard cannot be used separately. Over time, this can lead to RSI complaints in your neck and shoulders. A laptop stand in combination with an external keyboard can provide a solution. With the help of an ergonomic laptop stand, you can create the optimal viewing angle.

What is a laptop stand?

A laptop stand is an accessory used to elevate a laptop to a higher position, typically on a desk or table. The purpose of a laptop stand is to bring the laptop to eye level and promote better posture during use. It can help prevent neck and back pain that can be caused by prolonged use of a laptop on a low table or on your lap. Some laptop stands also have additional features, such as cooling to prevent laptop overheating, or extra USB ports to connect more peripherals.

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