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ArmrestsBesides support, armrests free up desk space.
Ergo Rider RightErgo Rider Right
£ 67.05 excl. VAT£ 67.05 incl. VAT900.0314 in stock
Armrest suitable for the right arm
Ergo Rider LeftErgo Rider Left
£ 67.05 excl. VAT£ 67.05 incl. VAT900.0324 in stock
Armrest suitable for the left arm.
Ergo Rider ArmSupport SetErgo Rider ArmSupport Set
£ 119.67 excl. VAT£ 119.67 incl. VAT900.0252 in stock
Besides support, armrests frees up desk space. This armrest is easy to attach on the tabletop. You can use it on your left and right side.
Armrest ProArmrest Pro
£ 83.60 excl. VAT£ 83.60 incl. VAT900.049Not in stock
The Armrest Pro offers optimum comfort thanks to a new, ultra-thin design. This armrest is an ideal supplement for workplaces having a combination of keyboards and centrally-placed mice. It fits on every desk because of its flexible clamp mounting, regardless of the shape and thickness of the tabletop.
£ 101.43 excl. VAT£ 101.43 incl. VAT900.0022 in stock
Support for both arms. Dirt-repellent finish. The TC-Rider can be made lower or wider to suit the user.
Armrest smallArmrest small
£ 56.87 excl. VAT£ 56.87 incl. VAT900.0501 in stock
The Armrest Small provides extra support while you work with the computer mouse. The forearm is comfortably supported, so that no extra stress is built up in the arm and wrist. This armrest is suitable for almost any desk.
Ergorest armrestsErgorest armrests
from£ 72.14 excl. VAT£ 72.14 incl. VATShowMG1E9
An Ergorest armrest provides good arm support and reduces tension in the arms, neck and shoulders.