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WristrestsSupports for the wrist when using mouse or keyboard.
Gel-filled MousematGel-filled Mousemat
£ 29.71 excl. VAT£ 29.71 incl. VAT900.01150+ in stock
Gel-filled mousemat with anti-slip underside. Colour: Black.
Ergo2Work keyboard wrist support memory foamErgo2Work keyboard wrist support memory foam
£ 28.00 excl. VAT£ 28.00 incl. VAT900.055
The keyboard wrist support has a memory foam filling and molds to your wrist. The wrist rest provides good support and comfort while typing.
Keyboard wrist support Memory FoamKeyboard wrist support Memory Foam
£ 29.71 excl. VAT£ 29.71 incl. VAT900.0525+ in stock
The ergonomic wrist support with memory foam keeps the wrist in a correct position during keyboard activities.
Goldtouch palm-cushionsGoldtouch palm-cushions
£ 50.08 excl. VAT£ 50.08 incl. VAT200.0193 in stock
Supports the palms of the hands, in order to reduce RSI.
The Egg Ergo Mouse PadThe Egg Ergo Mouse Pad
£ 29.71 excl. VAT£ 29.71 incl. VAT900.0361 in stock
unique egg-form, thermal-insulating mouse pad. The mouse pad had a large mousing surface and is smooth, accurate and comfortable.
Trapezium Wrist Rest CompactTrapezium Wrist Rest Compact
£ 36.92 excl. VAT£ 36.92 incl. VAT900.0372 in stock
Proper ergo wrist rest, 33 cm wide.
Trapezium Wrist Rest StandardTrapezium Wrist Rest Standard
£ 38.62 excl. VAT£ 38.62 incl. VAT900.0381 in stock
Proper ergo wrist rest, 49 cm wide.