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Home office setsWhat is an ergonomic home working set?

The number of computer workstations continues to increase. This increases the chance of developing complaints as a result of too high muscle tension, such as RSI complaints. With a special ergonomic home working set, a composite package of products that create an ergonomically responsible workplace for you, you can prevent RSI complaints by combining the correct, coordinated ergonomic products. In any case, the most basic set consists of a laptop stand, an external keyboard and an ergonomic mouse, such as the . But of course we also offer more extensive packages, such as the . The big advantage of an ergonomic set is that you have everything in 1 purchase and also at a significant discount.

Why is choosing an ergonomic set more important than ever now?

As the world is overtakenby the Covid-19 pandemic, never before have so many people worldwide worked from home. It happens unconsciously, but many mobile home workers adopt a wrong working posture with their laptop at the kitchen table in this Corona time. A laptop is easy and has many advantages, but yes, the keyboard is attached to the screen. This means that if you have your screen in the correct position at eye level, you will no longer be able to reach the keyboard. And vice versa, if you have your keyboard in the right position, you are looking at your laptop at an angle. This requires a lot of effort from the eyes, which can deteriorate faster as a result. If you want to continue using the laptop, it is best to use a standard for it and combine the laptop with a suitable ergonomic mouse and keyboard. You can order a laptop stand in combination with a keyboard and ergonomic mouse from us.


What you may also not know is that research has shown that a wrong work posture can lead to as much as 17% loss of productivity. Something you may not immediately think of is that with a normal keyboard, for example, an employee sometimes has the tendency to hit the keys up to 3.9% harder than necessary. You understand that the risk of developing RSI complaints in the hands and forearms is considerable. As a result, more mistakes are made, which in turn means a loss of productivity. Given that 70% of home workers do not work ergonomically, the total loss of productivity is therefore significant. Many employers will not be happy with that. It is therefore very much in the employer's interest that he invests in the right ergonomic resources in consultation with his employees, so that his employees work responsibly at the office, but especially also at home and also achieve the productivity goals.

Tips from occupational therapists

We have already mentioned that ergonomic sets are indispensable in the prevention of RSI complaints. We would like to take a closer look at the tips of occupational therapists. From the moment the government called for working from home as much as possible, they have tried to advise employers and employees as best as possible. What do occupational therapists advise when it comes to the correct use of ergonomic home work sets:

1. Make sure the keyboard is close to your body. The forearms can rest on the armrests of your office chair, while you can operate the keyboard with your fingers. Ideally, the ideal location for the ergonomic keyboard is about 5 centimeters from the front edge of your desk. This distance also applies to your mouse. The mouse prefers to be as close to the keyboard as possible. If you keep the mouse further away, you are forcing yourself. This puts stress on the shoulders and arm. The wrist is bent in an unnatural way, which in turn leads to RSI complaints.

2. Avoid typing with outstretched arms. This causes increased tension in the arm, shoulder and neck muscles.

3. Your arms can relax better on an ergonomic office chair, which fully support the forearms. The right office chair can also be adjusted so that your lower back is well supported.

4. Rest your hands when not typing. Unnecessarily hovering over the keyboard with your fingers puts an unnecessary strain on the arms and shoulders. So try to be aware of where you put your arms when you're not typing.

5. Choose a separate mouse and separate ergonomic keyboard. This way you can place the keyboard, mouse and screen in the right place and high muscle tension is prevented.

6. Use a laptop stand. This means that the laptop can be placed in a fixed place and the screen can be placed at eye level, as if it were a fixed computer.

Good posture

Whatever combination of ergonomic products you choose, according to ergonomists, a good working and body posture is essential. Ergonomics have the following tips for you: try to sit actively with your pelvis forward. Then you will automatically sit up straight. Keep your chest straight and your shoulders relaxed. Prevent neck pain by keeping your head straight. Change positions regularly and take frequent breaks. Also, alternate your tasks. And finally, do relaxation exercises for your neck and shoulders.

Various types of home work sets/ergonomic sets

We have developed different home working sets for our different target groups. There are currently more and more home workers, for whom we offer the complete ergonomic home work set. For people who change workplaces a lot, we have the Home Work Set Compact. Whether you work in the office, at home or at customers' locations, you can always carry out your work in an ergonomically responsible manner. To find out which set is right for you, you can scroll extensively in our extensive overview:
Home office set Compact
Special offer
Home office set Compact
£ 89.07 excl. VAT£ 89.07 incl. VAT190.044Not in stock
Complete set with over 15% discount! This ergonomic set consists of a standard black cricket laptop / tablet stand, an Ergo Compact keyboard and an aluminum Grip mouse.

Are you forced to work from home due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), but do not have the necessary equipment? With this ergonomic starter set for working at home, you can start working ergonomically right away and prevent shoulder problems.
Home office set wireless USB
Special offer
Home office set wireless USB
£ 155.98 excl. VAT£ 145.94 excl. VAT£ 145.94 incl. VAT190.056Not in stock
Complete wireless set with more than 15% discount! This Wireless USB Home Work Set consists of a Premium wireless compact keyboard, a Newtral 3 wireless mouse and a Cricket laptop stand. With this set you get a complete wireless set for home and on the road. The products are suitable for a compact permanent home workplace when using a laptop, but can also be placed in your laptop bag when you have an appointment on location.