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Visually and blind impairedThe use of the following tools makes working with a computer easier for blind and visually impaired people.

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from£ 104.90 excl. VAT£ 104.90 incl. VATShow MG102
These keyboards are perfect for blind and visually impaired people by the clear contrast and the dimensions.
from£ 43.35 excl. VAT£ 43.35 incl. VATShow MG10B
User friendly telephones for blind and visually impaired people.
Magnifying glassesMagnifying glasses
from£ 23.41 excl. VAT£ 23.41 incl. VATShow MG106
A magnifying glass is a very suitable tool for visually impaired people to make small text easier to read. Ergo2Work offers a varying range of magnifying glasses.
Magnification software & systemsMagnification software & systems
from£ 544.46 excl. VAT£ 544.46 incl. VATShow MG103
Magnification software provides a solutions for visually impaired people when it is difficult to read the computer screen.
from£ 90.17 excl. VAT£ 90.17 incl. VATShow MG130
Ergo2Work offers a wide range of clocks, alarm-clocks and watches.