Complete set with around 10% discount! This ergonomic set consists of a Contour Rollermouse Free3 Wireless and a Contour Balance wireless keyboard.

Contour Rollermouse Free3 Wireless

The Contour Rollermouse Free3 Wireless is the fastest, flattest and most accurate Rollermouse so far, and the first wireless rollermouse from Contour. The design is even more ergonomic than its predecessors, benefiting the shoulders and neck even more. Thanks to the adjustable dpi settings, the cursor speed can be adjusted to your personal preference. The cursor can be moved up and down quickly and easily over even the largest screens. This roller mouse has a total of 9 buttons. It is equipped with soft leatherette palm pads that ensure that the hands can comfortably rest on the mouse. The roller bar of the new Rollermouse Free3 is extra long, offering users even more comfort. The hands and arms are used in the most neutral zone for the keyboard, which greatly reduces the risk of RSI problems.

Contour Balance wireless keyboard

The Contour Balance keyboard is a wireless keyboard suitable for every work environment. Because the front is slightly raised, the Contour Balance keyboard connects seamlessly to the Contour Rollermouse Red. If you wish, the keyboard can also be raised at the back. The Contour Balance wireless keyboard has a nice light touch, and it has media keys that can be programmed as desired. The function keys (F1-F12) can be activated by using the Fn key, which features an Fn lock function. This keyboard is wireless and comes with a wireless USB receiver and 2 AAA batteries.