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Working from home because of the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

If you work at home on your laptop, but do not want to get neck and shoulder complaints after an hour:

With this wireless home work set you can immediately get started ergonomically and you will receive more than 15% discount!

This home office set consists of the following products:

Cricket Laptop/Tablet Stand Black
The Cricket laptop stand is a simple and infinitely adjustable laptop stand with a timeless design. It is suitable for a wide range of laptops. In addition, it is easy to carry and looks tidy on the desk when in use.

Newtral 3 Wireless
This wireless mouse has a vertical position of 33 degrees and good wrist support. Thanks to its slightly vertical position, the mouse has little getting used to. The ergonomic mouse helps with complaints in the wrist and forearm, but can also help with minor complaints in the neck and shoulder.

Premium Wireless compact keyboard
The Premium Wireless compact keyboard is an ultra-thin wireless keyboard. The keyboard has a compact design so that you can work better within the shoulder line with the mouse and keyboard. Very flat design that ensures rest in your wrists. In addition, the wireless keyboard has a pleasantly light keystroke.

Spare parts and useful products