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The Rollermouse Free3 wireless combines a very high degree of precision and awireless comfort with a very flat design. This ergonomic rollermouse, that is placed in front of the body, issuitable for permanent as well as flexible working stations. Because you canwork within the shoulder line, the risk of neck-, shoulder and otherRSI-related complaints are reduced to a minimum.

The new Rollermouse Free3 wireless is the quickest, lowest and most accurate Rollermouse so far. The design is even more ergonomic than its predecessors,which mostly helps the neck and shoulders. Thanks to the adjustabledpi-options, the speed of the cursor can be changed at one’s personalpreferences. The cursor can be moved quickly and easily on even the biggestmonitors. The mouse disposes of nine buttons in total, and seven of them areadjustable and can be adapted at one’s personal preferences.

The Rollermouse Free3 mouse can be used with the left hand, rights hands or evenboth hands at the same time. The palm supports that are made of soft imitation leather make sure that the hands can rest on the mouse. Thus, the Rollermouse Free3 not only reduces the muscle tension in neck and shoulders, but also in the muscles of the forearm and wrist.

The roller bar of the renewed rollermouse Free3 is extra long, which offers itsusers even more comfort. The hands and arms are used in the most neutral area,namely in front of the keyboard, which strongly reduces the risk of RSI complaints.

  • Colour: black
  • Materials: synthetic, imitation leather and soft gel
  • 9 buttons, 7 programmable buttons
  • Resolution: adjustable at 600-2800 dpi
  • Weight: 630 gr
  • Height: 23 mm
  • Width: 489 mm
  • Depth: 121 mm
  • Connection: USB-receiver, plug & play
  • Usable for both right- and left-handed
  • Supporting systems: Windows XP and higher / Mac OS 9 and higher
  • Brand: Contour
  • Warranty: 2 years