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ErgoSlide Compact keyboard US
ErgoSlide Compact keyboard US
ErgoSlide Compact keyboard US
ErgoSlide Compact keyboard US

ErgoSlide Compact keyboard US

Article number: 200.136
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The ErgoSlide Compact keyboard is a unique mini keyboard which has a numeric keypad that slides in and out of the right hand side. So when you're not using the numeric keypad, you can simply slide it into the main keyboard and you're then using a compact keyboard.
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The ErgoSlide Compact keyboard combines the advantages of a standard keyboard with the advantages of a mini keyboard. It has all the functions you need, plus the numeric keypad on the right is extendible. When you do not need the numeric part, simply slide it into the keyboard and you've got a compact size keyboard. This reduces the risk of RSI problems because you're working within the shoulder line and don't have to reach so far for the mouse.

The ErgoSlide Compact keyboard is ideal for those people who only need to use a numeric keypad occasionally. This compact size keyboard is also the perfect solution if you have limited space on your desk or often take your keyboard with you.

This mini keyboard has a nice light touch and is suitable for both Windows and Mac.
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Dimensions Dimensions (with extended numeric keypad): 388 mm x 142 mm | Dimensions (with retracted numeric keypad): 296 mm x 142 mm
Control Windows|Mac
Additional information Plug & Play | US layout
Right-handed/left-handed Rechtshandig|Linkshandig|Rechts- en linkshandig
Control type Vista|Windows 2000|XP|7/8/10|Android|iOS|Windows Mobile en Mac OSX
ErgoSlide Compact keyboard US
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